The Ethical Issues of Social Media


Social media use is divided to the purely personal communication with friends and family and to the purely professional communication with colleagues and customers (Boyd, 2007).  The blending of public/private lives, discussions relating to ethical use of social media can quickly lead into unending web of controversies (Vallor, 2015). Continue reading “The Ethical Issues of Social Media”


Democracy, Freedom and Social Networking Services


In the beginning of the 21st century, new media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube began to transform the social, political and informational habits of individuals and institutions all over the world. Due to the rapid changes of social networking technologies, this phenomenon needs more attention, because the number of human beings initiate and/or maintain virtually every type of ethically significant social bond or role is being reshaped: friend-to-friend, parent-to-child, co-worker-to co-worker, employer-to-employee, to offer just a partial list. Furthermore, the ethical implications of these technologies are not strictly interpersonal. Continue reading “Democracy, Freedom and Social Networking Services”

Social Media and Apathy to Human Suffering

Apart from the ethical implications of the digital world demonstrated previously, Web 2.0 and social media have also changed radically the way we perceive and react to human suffering. This idea came into my mind after being exposed repetitively to harassing content that could be found freely, even into my Facebook news feed. After all, I came up to realize that I cannot anymore be as easily shocked as I could have been in the past. We are exposed to violence, murder, crime, terrorism, death and so on that much, we are finally ending up acting indifferent towards what is going on around us. Below, you may  easily identify 2 tragedies that we e-witnessed during 2016. Continue reading “Social Media and Apathy to Human Suffering”

Journalism Ethics in Digital Media


As digital media and their extend use evolve from just a trend and a medium to a stable communication and informative field, a need for an evolution to journalism ethics too becomes urgent. Since the beginning of 20th century the do’s and don’ts for every journalist have been quite clear. But what about now? Blogging, vlogging and even a simple share on a social media platform as Facebook, can be more popular than a professional article in a newspaper.

Continue reading “Journalism Ethics in Digital Media”

Ethics and the New Media


The new digital media platforms are rich with opportunities and risks, mostly for young people. Through internet, young people are participating in a range of activities, including social networking, blogging, vlogging, gaming, instant messaging, downloading music/movies and other content, uploading and sharing their own creations, and collaborating with others in various ways. Continue reading “Ethics and the New Media”