Social Media and Depression

As years pass by, more and more people engage into social media. In response to that, new platforms are constantly created in order to better respond to consumer’s emerging needs and trends (e.g. Snapchat, Tinder etc.). In essence, studies reveal that as of 2016 there had been 10% growth in the number of active social media users and 17% growth in the number of active mobile social media users as well (Chaffey, 2016). Together with that, the number of people diagnosed with depression increases by 20% each year (Healthline, 2012). Of course, many reasons hold responsibility regarding that issue, such as the economic downfall and unemployment. However, it is interesting to take a deeper look into the way social media affect mental well-being. Continue reading “Social Media and Depression”


Social Media is all about Ego

With regard to the effects and implications of social media on one’s psychology, it is important that we examine the way we behave in the online versus the offline world, and question our motives and beliefs that drive us to act so.

Social media do feed our ego. In fact, research reveals that 9% of the time we spend on Facebook is actually viewing our own profile page.

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Social Media and Apathy to Human Suffering

Apart from the ethical implications of the digital world demonstrated previously, Web 2.0 and social media have also changed radically the way we perceive and react to human suffering. This idea came into my mind after being exposed repetitively to harassing content that could be found freely, even into my Facebook news feed. After all, I came up to realize that I cannot anymore be as easily shocked as I could have been in the past. We are exposed to violence, murder, crime, terrorism, death and so on that much, we are finally ending up acting indifferent towards what is going on around us. Below, you may  easily identify 2 tragedies that we e-witnessed during 2016. Continue reading “Social Media and Apathy to Human Suffering”

Social Media in the Greek Economic Downfall

Since 2009, Greece has been experiencing a fast growing economic downfall, which has deeply affected the psychology of Greeks. Unemployment rates increased tremendously leaving many people, previously occupied with a job, being currently unemployed and not being able to meet their responsibilities or even pay for their most basic necessities. On the other hand, young graduates do not have the opportunity to find a job and grow their talents. As a result, they are either lead to migration or to an underpaid job, if any. Taxation is rapidly increasing causing inflation in prices for the customers and reduced turnover for the businesses. Greece is not anymore viewed as an attractive country to invest and grow a business, as there is high political instability. Within only one year (2015), 3 elections took place in Greece; 2 governmental and the referendum elections that were held during July imposing the capital controls that are still applicable up until today.

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Social Media Today: A Brief Introduction

The Marketing Approach on Consumer’s Psychology 

In today’s world, the online social networking is more than ever trending. In fact, a rise of 56% in the social media usage was observed within only just a year (Kaplan & Haenlein, 2010). This number is translated into a tremendous increase of data uploaded constantly in the online world and tons of hours being spent on our screens, either these could be on desktop or on mobile devices. Of course, we may understand that the increase derives not only from the Millenials, but from people of younger and older ages as well (Duggan & Brenner, 2013).

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