Nowadays people tend to focus on the worst side of everything and the extended use of digital media would not be an exception to that. Opponents of new media claim that the negative effects of online media on how students spend their free time and on the whole education procedure are too important to be ignored. For example they think that the lack of concentration is a huge problem that all the students have to deal with due to the fomo phenomenon (The Fear Of Missing Out). But this is not exactly the case. It is a matter of what you choose to see.
The truth is that it is impressive how digital media can be beneficial for the educational progress. On an everyday base new attitudes lunching in schools and universities all over the world in order to be able to use digital media as much as they can in an effort to renovate the old methods of learning and approaching the students of every age.According to many surveys teachers believe that digital tools used both inside and outside of a classroom’s setting have a mixed impact on students’ academic development. It is out of question that if a student choose to spend an enormous amount of his day online chatting or playing games and in this way neglects his homework the effects of new media in this case are a catastrophe! But as i said this is a matter of choice.
The Internet allowed students access to a wider range of resources than otherwise would not be possible to be reached. Studying became more friendly and educational institutions which have adopted new media friendly methods during the classes are much more attractive to students than those that are stuck in older methods of teaching. Young people feel more comfortable and even enjoy searching online about their essays and projects than spending hours studying whole books. And this is the perspective that i believe that we should focus on. It is more important to find new ways that schools could use to approach students and students to approach knowledge, than just trying to find the negative points in everything.
Above all as their name indicates digital and social media in general are just a medium. It is up to the users to choose and apply the media according to their current needs. And teachers should give the opportunity to students to expand the limits of their knowledge and to lead the way to a beneficial use of the new online world that it is lying in front of their screens.


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  1. I strongly agree with what you state in the above post and don’t forget how rapid technology changes and that today mobile media are part of our life. Think about how things changed while the first smartphone introduced back in 2007. The most important consequence of its new functionalities is the influence of the use of the internet which gradually rises and be trusted for just-in-time searches for information. Any type of context could be now accessible from smartphones anywhere and at any time. Furthermore, except the educational impact of the new mobile media nowadays smartphones are used to communicate with larger groups of weaker ties in contrast to the traditional mobile phones which are used for strong ties only. Moreover, individuals that own a smartphone could access any type of context anytime, anywhere. Also, in contrast to the traditional mobile communication that in the past occurring between two individuals at a time, today modern smartphones permit various communication ways similar to those related to the personal computer and this includes different types of mass communication. Nevertheless, despite of all those positive changes in communication, there is and a significant negative consequence of mobile media in communication which is that they are connected with anxiety and obsessive behavior. The development of technology and the modern smartphones increase individuals’ sense of permanent connected and especially to teens that are frequently check their social media platforms for new messages and updates, and when they are unable to do so, they are in panic. However, mobile communication nowadays could not profoundly be isolated from such social interactions and been separated from other technological developments. Furthermore, some features of the communication on Facebook, for example, are direct functional changes in contrast to traditional mobile communication due to the rapid changes in technology. Thus, for instance, the case of Facebook Messenger (chat) is the online evolution of traditional text messaging, which is also a text-based platform.


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